🐞Known Issues

Blank screen when trying to add or connect stories through The WayFinder Platform

If the "embedded" window is blank when you try to add a story or make a connection between two stories, it likely means cookies need to be enabled for third parties/iframes (also see below for known issue with Safari).

Safari Web Browser

If using Safari, StoryKeeper has limited functionality when opened in the "embedded" window on The WayFinder Platform. It is best to open StoryKeeper in its own browser tab/window (or access the installed version if you have done so).

Syncing StoryKeeper after being offline

On occasions a story that is created/updated in StoryKeeper whilst offline may not sync across your other devices when back online. If refreshing/reloading StoryKeeper on all your devices doesn't fix this, the best option is to create a new version of the story and copy the contents of the original story, and then delete the original. This new version should then sync across your other devices.

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