WayFinder Platform

The core of the WayFinder Platform is a digital "canvas", where content can be positioned and visualised in many powerful ways to enable reflective practice, sensemaking, ideation, discovery and more - processes that cohere with the over-arching philosophy of "wayfinding".

A strength is the ability to quickly switch contexts, from a personal view that has only your content, to a shared/collaborative perspective that displays other peoples content in relationship to your own.

The innovation here is a user interface that moves away from restrictive vertical timelines as found in social media feeds, blogs and group chats; to something that allows many entry points and quickly reveals themes, patterns and connections. Maggie Appleton has described this as "topography over timelines".

In this sense the platform is breaking new ground in social, knowledge and sensemaking systems.

With a strong focus on stories (hence the StoryKeeper app), exploring a canvas will often feel like sitting around a digital campfire and reading/listening/watching the stories people have shared...

The following sections provide more detail regarding how you can interact with a canvas, as well as the options for designing and customising canvases to your requirements.

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