♻️Projects (Communities)

A StoryKeeper user can be part of multiple "projects", or "communities", which are a way of:

  1. organising your stories and media

    -- when you save a story/media it is allocated to the currently active project

    -- you will only see stories/media for the active project in your "My Stories/Media" lists

  2. determining the WayFinder canvases you can publish to

  3. determine who will be able to access your stories and media when you assign viewing rights at the "project" level (ie, all those users who are members of that project/community)

If you only belong to a single project the above is all happening behind the scenes and doesn't have a huge influence on the options available to you (with the exception of defining viewing rights). However if you belong to multiple projects, you will have the option of changing to a different project at any time by selecting from the drop-down menu at the very top of the app. In the screenshot below, the currently active project is called 'Test Project' and can be changed by clicking on the down arrow alongside the project name...

Changing the active project will bring up the stories/media for that project only in the "My Stories/Media" lists.

Moving a story or media to a different project

Follow these steps to move a story or media content from one project to another

  1. select the story/media from the story/media list

  2. change the active project to the one you wish to move the story/media into

  3. save the story/media (click on the green save button)

  4. it will now be saved in the desired project and should appear in the story/media list

NOTE: be careful doing this if you have already published the story/media to a WayFinder canvas and set viewing rights to the "project" level - moving the story/media to a different project will likely give different users access and deny users who previously had access.

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